When viewing Vincent’s photography some are often baffled if what they are looking at is either a painting or photograph. With the use of surreal environments and dark allegorical themes Vincent uses light and color to weave his story driven images into painterly portraits. His work is influenced from surrealists like Magritte and Dali with inspiration driven from the golden age of Dutch painters such as Rembrandt and Vermeer.

Originally from a musical background, Minor imagines each image much in the way he would craft his storytelling songs of the past. The image is conceived and drawn up into a rough blueprint sketch. Often using himself as the character in his self-portrait creations, Vincent is on a quest to examine the complexity of identity through character and story.

“I got into photography not for documenting real life moments. I didn’t want to create biographical work, but to explore who I think I am and the possibilities of who I could be and create fiction as an extension of me. To discover what my worthwhile opinions were and to express the sides of me that I don’t normally show in life.”